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Doctor in Dental Medecine

Faculty of Dental surgery, University of Strasbourg

Additional trainings


Certificate of Clinical Competence in the Microbiological Approach of Periodontics

International Institute of Periodontics


Training in Cosmetic & Adhesive Dentistry

University of Paris Diderot_Paris VII


Certificate of Clinical Competence in Laser-Assisted Dental Surgery

University of Paris Diderot_Paris VII

Advanced technology

  • Pioneering technology, laser is used beneficially in a large variety of dental treatments (Periodontology, endodontrics, surgery, dental crown procedure, etc.).

  • Laser improves the quality of the treatment as well as the patient comfort during and after the treatment. 

  • Laser provides tissue biostimulation, a better quality of disinfection and healing as well as a decrease in postoperative pain.

Quality and precision

·  We work with binocular microscope and surgical drape.

Binocular microscope: precision work and more conservative dentistry​

·  Surgical drape: improvement in quality of the treatment and the patient.

High technology​

  • We use an orthopantomogram (panoramic scanning dental x-ray of the upper and lower jaw) therefore avoiding any deplacement of the patient to others stuctures.

  • All our x-ray equipments are from the latest generation with low-level of radiation.